Bike Fitting

Feel better on the bike

When you bike is adjusted to fit your body, the bike disappears and all that remains is the the wind in your face, the road flying underneath and your legs spinning powerfully.

Improve your power

There is a range of positions in which the body can exert maximal power, for some people that range is small and for others it is large. Its time to find your sweet spot.

Understand and overcome your pain

While the pain of pushing your endurance to the limits is exhilarating, back pain, knee pain, saddle sores and the like sap your power and the pleasure of riding a bike. If you are experiencing pain while riding or recently had orthopedic surgery, including knee or hip replacement, a bike fit with a physical therapist can make all the difference. In addition to bike adjustments, Bryan uses manual therapy techniques to improve mobility and prescribes precise home exercises to address your specific limitations.

Schedule a bike fit with Bryan Ausinheiler DPT,CSCS,OCS

Founded in Science

From his time working on his honors thesis in markers of fatigue during cycling through his Doctorate in physical therapy at UCSF, Bryan has kept up with the latest research and filtered through the fads to get to the facts.

Bryan knows that where the pavement of hard science ends, the gravel road of individual experimentation begins. Each body is different, and currently there are many questions that the research hasn’t answered. Bryan’s methodical and scientific approach will dial in your fit by carefully testing how you respond to each adjustment. A bike fit with Bryan is not a one time experience, included in each fit is a follow up session to make any additional adjustments.

Bryan’s Bike Fitting Process

2015-03-08 16.04.13-1

Step 1: Examination. The bike fit begins with a detailed physical examination to identify your proportions and unique pattern of strength, mobility, motor control and pathology. 

FullSizeRender (1)

Step 2: Real time posture. You’ll see your posture while pedaling in real time with HD video and projector.

Bike Fitting- Retul

Step 3: Retul 3D motion capture. 3D motion capture is the only way to measure your lower body joint angles while you are actually pedaling.* Real-time 3D measurement creates an objective feedback loop that allows the effects of any adjustments to the bike to be seen quickly, this is critical as two people often respond to the same adjustment differently.**

Bike Fitting- spin scan

Step 4: Pedaling smoothness evaluation using Computrainer SpinScan. Find gaps in power during your pedal stroke and asymmetries between legs and receive specific cues and feedback to fix them.



Bike fits are $367.56 which includes an initial 2 hour fit and a 1 hour follow up session. If you are not satisfied with the experience, your payment will be refunded.

About the Fitter

Bryan Ausinheiler is Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified by the International Bike Fitting Institute. He learned bike fitting from renowned bike fitter and physical therapist Curtis Cramblett, LPT, CFMT, USA Expert Cycling Coach, CSCS.

Schedule a bike fit with Bryan Ausinheiler DPT,CSCS,OCS

*The joint angles created when you “freeze” to allow a static measurement are often not reflective of the true joint angles that occur while you are pedaling.

**When you move the saddle back for example, some riders will just sit on the nose of the saddle to keep the knee angle the same, while others will move back with the saddle and sacrifice the knee angle.

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