Personal Training


Train from home

No commute, no gym membership, no excuses. Nothing could be more convenient than zoom training with Bryan in the privacy of your own home, or wherever you have an internet connection and room to move. Bryan’s exercise knowledge and creativity will help you work toward your goals with whatever equipment you have available, even if this is just your body weight and a floor.  The very convenience of home workouts makes them susceptible to being sidelined by distractions. But regular appointments with Bryan keeps you accountable to train wherever you are.

Find out where you are

As a new client Bryan will perform a full evaluation to identify your risks for injuries and take precise measurements of your starting flexibility, strength, power and endurance according to your goals.

Stay Injury Free

Whether you are an ultra-runner, cyclist, CrossFit athlete or someone just trying to get in shape, injuries can severely hamper and often outright stop your progress. By training with a physical therapist you can dramatically reduce your injuries and get access to rapid effective treatment for the unavoidable mishaps of life.

See Progress

Regular testing allows you to see where you are improving, where you aren’t… and what to do about it.

Push Harder

Bryan provides the accountability, clear instructions and encouragement to get the most out of your workout.

Know Why

Bryan’s deep knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology and programming and  his ongoing study and curiosity mean that you leave each session both stronger and smarter.

A Comprehensive Approach

A custom exercise program shared via google sheets will allow you to keep track of what you have done in the studio and see what

you need to do on your own.

Stay Interested

Bryan’s focus on functional movements and use of diverse training methods including body weight strength training, kettlebells, high intensity intervals, barbell, rope and circus arts mean there is something for everyone and you never get bored.


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