Physical Therapy

Be heard

One-on-one 55min long sessions ensure that your problem is heard and all your questions are answered.

Get Exactly What You Need

Bryan’s advanced training in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Active Release Techniques (ART), joint mobilization and myofascial decompression ensure that you get exactly the treatment you need.

Feel Better Faster

Feel the difference that skilled manual therapy can make.

Take Control

Bryan uses google sheets to share a personalized program with you of exactly what you need to do to get better and stay better- without wasting time on things that don’t work for you.

See the bigger picture

Bryan’s incorporation of  quantified self techniques will help you find out exactly what works for you to balance your nervous system through better sleep, calmer breathing, and improved awareness of your stress response.

Don’t Give Up

Bryan’s attention to detail, deep knowledge, philosophy of constant learning and creativity has succeeded in solving problems that other therapists couldn’t solve. If you tried PT and it didn’t help, it may be time to try working with Bryan.


 If this link does not work, copy and paste in your browser window. Or contact Bryan directly at or 510-842-7135



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