What is the Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Muscle Strength? Review of Stockton 2011

A Question Sun and muscle are often seen together, compare the sunshine on Muscle Beach to the fog of Ocean Beach or the before and after snapshots found in supplement testimonials, you will find a nearly ubiquitous pallor in the former and the bronze kiss of the sun in the latter. One explanation for these […]

Symmetry. Review of Carpes 2010

A Question Symmetry is beauty and beauty improves the likelihood that your genes will be recombined and transmitted to the next generation. That is the conclusion that I came to after reading Nancy Etcoff’s Survival of the Prettiest (a book I highly recommend). While facial right/left symmetry is the strongest predictor of attractiveness, asymmetries in […]

Does Muscular Endurance Improve With Age? Review of Christie 2011

A Question Last year in Pt school we had a lecture series on the physiology of aging accompanied by the Online Curriculum in Geriatrics and Gerontology hosted by the UCSF Academic Geriatric Resource Center. I highly recommend the online course as it was both informative and entertaining (gerigero-onlinecourse.ucsf.edu) but the experience left me wondering if […]

Is Belly Fat a Health Concern or Just a Vanity Concern? Review of Ashwell 2012

A Question I recently watched a documentary on people who live in jungles worldwide called The Human Planet: Jungles. A theme I noticed from theBayaka of the Congo,Awa Guaja of the eastern Amazon and theKorowai of Papua New Guinea was that the men were extremely lean and muscular but many of the women were not. […]

Can The Way You Run Increase Your Risk of Injury? Review of Ferber 2009

A Question About fourteen days a year the fog takes a vacation and the sun shines a few rays on Golden Gate Park. Besides forestalling a few diagnoses of seasonal affective disorder, this phenomenon triggers a veritable explosion of joggers that resembles emergence of the seventeen-year cicada in the eastern United States. Watching these curious […]