Do Fighter Pilots Have More Neck Pain?

A Question Which is worse for your neck and lower back, sitting in front of a screen for several hours answering e-mail or sitting in front the Heads-Up-Display of a fighter jet, being whipped left and right by G-forces while your life is on the line? Some Data The Research Approach It turns out there is […]

The Danger of the Drops- A Review of Peach et al. 2011

A Question Bradley Wiggins broke the world record for longest distance covered on a bicycle in one hour by riding 54.526km on June 7th, 2015. Because 90% of the resistance when biking on a level surface above 12mph comes from air drag and 70% of that drag comes from the rider [1], significant attention was […]

Why does MY tendon hurt?

A Question Tendon problems include traumatic injuries such as rupture, rapidly worsening problems such as tendonitis (inflammation) and slow developing chronic problems such as tendinosis (non-inflammatory tendon breakdown)[1]. These later two are often blamed on overuse and poor bio-mechanics. But you might be asking “Why is my achilles sore when that other guy with terrible running form is […]

Are You Destined For Arthritis? A Review of Ryder et al

A QUESTION   My last post covered the modifiable risk factors for osteoarthritis. My conclusion based on the available evidence was that your best bet to reduce risk of osteoarthritis is to avoid joint injuries, don’t get too heavy and pick a job that doesn’t require a lifetime of heavy lifting, kneeling, squatting, stairs or […]

Can you reduce your risk of osteoarthritis? A review of Richmond et al. 2013

A QUESTION As a physical therapist I see a fair share of people with osteoarthritis. I often hear folks blame themselves for their condition by saying they wore out their knees by running too much, or working too many years in construction. But was it really their fault, or was it their genetic destiny? Like […]