Introduction and Structure of Posture Movement Pain

This blog contains my thoughts and discoveries about human posture, movement, and pain through the lens provided by my doctorate degree in physical therapy. I am especially curious about how these three facets of human life interact with the wide spectrum of environments in which humans live. Here are some of the questions I am contemplating:
  • What can we learn about posture and movement from humans living in distant but similar environments?
  • In what ways is human posture and movement adaptable, in what ways is it not?
  • Is there a line between abnormal and adaptive movement?
  • Is there an ideal human posture and movement?
  • Is there a relationship between posture and movement?
  • Between posture and pain?
  • Between movement and pain?

I am organizing the content I post in this blog into the following three categories:

1. Posture Movement and Pain in Ecuador & Peru- Thoughts from a trip through Ecuador and Peru, from July 9 to September 17, 2012 spanning the Amazon to the Andes partly covered on a tandem bicycle.

2. Partner Workouts: Gravity and Rope- Travel workouts incorporating elements of gymnastics, circus and acroyoga with no equipment other than ropes

3. Science Reviews You Can Use– A collection of articles summarizing recent review papers in the allied health fields. The goal of these articles is to provide more sober and responsible science journalism than is typically obtained from covering recent “breakthroughs” while providing examples of practical application to something we all do every day: move.

I hope this content is as stimulating for you to read and discuss as it is for me to generate.

Move well, move often.

Bryan Ausinheiler


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