The Ankle Callous

Jessica and I spent a week chugging up the Ucayali on a riverboat. We shared the voyage with a few hundred locals all jammed in with us on the same deck. No walls, no hallways, just hammocks packed together so close they were touching. People sleeping on the floor under the hammocks, and parrots and macaws thrown in the complement the noise of screaming children.

This close contact gave me the opportunity to make many observations the most unexpected was the ankle callous. I noticed what I thought was a sore on the lateral malleoli of some of the Quechua women. It was white and round with a dot in the middle. It was only on the lateral malleolus and only on these women who sit cross legged for hours a day sewing. I inferred that it was a callous from sitting on hard surfaces. Indeed it was.

I did not include the cross legged sitting position in my last post, because like long sitting I am unable to sit upright and my low back aches. Furthermore on a hard surface, the outside border of my foot hurts from bone to ground contact.

I never thought it was possible to have a callous on your ankle from sitting, but low and behold, the body adapts. These women told me it didn´t hurt at all. Maybe its time for me to suck it up and make my body adapt. Thoughts?ImageImage


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