Deadlifting: How to Build Strength Safely

WHAT IS A DEAD LIFT? A deadlift simply involves picking something up from the ground to standing up straight with your arms hanging straight down. It is a dead lift because the weight starts in a static “dead” position on the ground, there is no lowering phase in which the muscles can stretch first and […]

Human and Environment Interaction in Comfort

What is a Tolerance Bandwidth? If you read my post on the human-environment interaction that results in disability you will already know where I am coming from. I posit that discomfort, like disability, is the result of a human-environment interaction. You are comfortable when the environment is somewhere within your preferred range of conditions. I […]

The Human and Environment Interaction in Disability

“Recent conceptual frameworks of disability highlight the important role of the environment in the disablement process; that is, people are believed to interact with their environments to produce disabilities” (IOM, 1997; Teel et al., 1997).  Person-Environment Interaction Nobody is intrinsically disabled. And many people who are “fully-abled” in the technology saturated environment of the United […]