Wartenberg’s Update: Pinky Working Again

The ulnar nerve injury I acquired from pressure on my palm while biking in Peru has now completely healed and function is normal. It took about six weeks to heal from the time I stopped biking. You can read more about the injury in my prior blog post.s.

Me unable to adduct my pinky when I first noticed the injury about two months ago.


Me now proudly showing my ability to adduct my pinky


Cycling gloves my brother bought me for my birthday to prevent future ulnar nerve compression injuries. Thanks Bruce!


5 thoughts on “Wartenberg’s Update: Pinky Working Again

  1. This and the previous related posts are truely great and I am thankfull for finding them. I have discovered that my pinkie is out of control a few weeks ago, and witth some googling yesterday I found your blog.
    My injury is most probably due to gym exercizes involving falsr grip bodylift and dips. I am going to abandon the gym for a while niw and hope things can go the right way again…

  2. I have recently started using equipment at my new job which requires me to hold the bar or the equipment for 10 hours a day and pull and push with a lot if weight . I noticed two days ago my pinky wouldn’t come in to raws my other fingers and my hand felt very stranger. I can’t wash my face open a bottle . The inside of my Palm is sore on the pinky side. What could I do I use that machine for my job duties and have to continue using it . What were some exercises u would suggest ?

    • Hi Amber,
      I would contact your employer and let them know what is going on. There are no exercises for the problem. Instead you need to reduce the pressure on the ulnar nerve by using padded gloves, padding the handle and/or changing your grip.

  3. how much time required to get back from waternbers sign or ulnar nerve injury? should i do any exercise to get back or should i avoid things working with my injured hand? i have been injured of waternberg sign for more than 25 days. please suggest me what should i do sir?

    • Hi Yogesh,
      I recommend seeing a physical therapist as I can’t give you specific advice without an evaluation. There are no specific exercises that speed nerve healing but it is important to reduce pressure and tension on the nerve that would prolong or prevent healing ie using padded gloves. You can request a telehealth session in the schedule section of this website.

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