Update on Wartenberg’s Sign

Now more than a month after I noticed that I had lost the ability to adduct my right pinky, I have gained about half of that motion back. The 8-10hrs of daily riding in Peru ended 18 days ago. My manual dexterity is within functional limits, and grip strength is find for all tasks of daily living. I’m not up to cow-milking strength but lucky for me this is not one of my daily tasks right now.
My left hand demonstrating full and normal adduction.

My right hand, trying hard but not quite there.

Lumbrical grip is back, but still a little shaky.
Since I have removed the offending stimulus (biking 8-10hrs a day with a hole in my bar tape), all I have to do now is wait for my nerve to repair and continue to use my hands.



Me struggling to milk a cow with my ulnar nerve injury in the Andes in August 2012.

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