My Name Change

My name is Bryan Ausinheiler and my wife’s name is Jessica Ausinheiler.

My name was formerly Bryan Ausink and her name was formerly Jessica Gheiler.

We combined our last names because neither of us wanted to give up our name, neither of us wanted to hyphenate our names and both of us wanted to have the same last name as our future children.

I think it is working quite well so far. The only limitation is spelling.

I went around with a pen an paper  asking people to spell the name ausinheiler. Here is what I got.



Aussin Iler


Oz Nieler


Ausin Heiller




If you heard my name, how would you find find me on the internet? If you found me with one of the spellings above, then this post was worth the time.

Bryan Ausinheiler, PT, DPT, CPTPhysical Therapist and Personal Trainer at Sports and Orthopedic Leaders, Oakland CA

Call 510-547-1630 to schedule.
Tell others about me on google+ or yahoo local


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